A Long Strange Trip

Syd Barrett 06 Hampton

Syd Barrett "Where are you now?" 2006 Velvet Tribute Poster 25.5" X 30" signed and numbered S/E 22/50 by artist Justin Hampton

"A tribute to the recently deceased musical genius. He was the founder of one of the greatest bands of all time, Pink Floyd, and the inspiration for them long after tragically losing his mental facilities. His music has and will inspire countless generations for many years to come. The text at the bottom reads "Won't you miss me?...Wouldn't you miss me at all?" 1946-2006 (RIP) The image was originally painted on fabric in 1990 and was washed and dried many times over to create a cracked and distressed appearance to convey the losing of ones mind. This was then captured photographically and archived before losing the original artwork forever. After 16 years in my flat file, this is the first time I've shown this image to the public. The passing of this icon has prompted me to release the peice as a commemorative to the memory of the legend."

Justin Hampton

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