A Long Strange Trip

Steve Miller Band Tuten BG 191 1969

BG 191 Steve Miller Band, James Cotton Blues Band, Keef Hartley, Little Princess #109 Ticket Set Artists: Randy Tuten and Peter Pynchon Date: Sep 11, 1969 - Sep 14, 1969 Venue: Fillmore West (San Francisco, CA) Size: 2 11/16" x 4 3/8"
"Randy Tuten was being flip but honest when he described the posters he drew for the Fillmore West shows as combinations of things he liked and things that fit. Influenced by Rick Griffin's lettering style, Tuten was personally fascinated with vehicles and mechanical constructions. In BG191, the nicely meshed big and little wheels of a gear mechanism advertised four evenings of the Steve Miller and James Cotton Bands."

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