A Long Strange Trip

Steppenwolf Santana Conklin BG 134 1968

BG 134 Steppenwolf, The Staple Singers, Santana, Grateful Dead, The Sons of Champlin, Holy See Ticket Set Artist: Lee Conklin Date: Aug 27, 1968 - Sep 1, 1968 Venue: Fillmore West San Francisco, CA Size: 2 5/8" x 4 1/2"

"The famous Santana Lion sprang from Lee Conklin's fortuitous combination of a doobie break and a child's animal picture book. From that vision came the African priestess and the king of beasts image, combined in Conklin's signature, complicated style. Santana was so taken with the poster that they asked the artist to redraw the picture for their first album cover, and the lion and Santana became permanently linked in aficionados' minds. Although Bill Graham preferred color posters to advertise his concerts, BG134 was so powerful in its original pen and ink it, was sent to press that way."


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