A Long Strange Trip

Raconteurs 08 Jones

Raconteurs 2008 Fanclub Poster 20" X 26" numbered 397/440 by artist Rob Jones
"The translucent white overprint is a collage made up of around 150 stamps from around the world, the area surrounding an individual band member is comprised primarily of stamps that correspond to a theme found in the album art. Some stamps act as a bridge between areas so they can apply to the member on either side of the boundary.
The detail image is the poster with the stamp images brightened up so you can see the detail better. However, the actual poster has this overprint as faint with the added effect of reversing out over the silver areas and becoming positive on the black areas. I told Steve, the printer, to experiment with the opacity of the stamps and make their appearance on the poster seem almost like an insomnia induced hallucination. Working on the stamp collage for a few days and not sleeping much, I definitely knew what that would look like, and Steve nailed it."
Rob Jones

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