A Long Strange Trip

Melvins Zoltron Sticker 2009

Melvins Emo's Austin TX Sticker poster!!! Silkscreened on super thick 5mm Mylar sticker material, 90# backing, radius edge die cut 18.5" x 24 signed and numbered 26/100

"We've literally printed millions of stickers, but this is by far our biggest one yet. Zoltron's poster for the Melvins was silkscreened as a giant 18.5" X 24" sticker poster, printed on super thick 5mm mylar with a 90# backing. (We ran it on mylar, rather than vinyl, since mylar doesn't shrink.) Including undercoats, it was run through the press 9 times and finished with a matte satin coat for the extra antiquated chicken vibe. 150 of these were printed, 50 of which sold at the show in under an hour. The remaining 100 are artist signed and numbered and available at Zoltron.com. These are limited to one edition and will not be rerun."

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