A Long Strange Trip

Led Zeppelin Tuten BG 199 1969

BG 199 Led Zeppelin, The Bonzo Dog Band, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Brotherhood Of Light Ticket Set Artist: Randy Tuten Date: Nov 6, 1969 -
Nov 8, 1969 Venue: Winterland San Francisco, CA Size: 2 9/16" x 4 9/16"

"Tuten acquiesced to the power of the blimp in this Led Zeppelin poster. The concert was typical Graham fare and mixed the goofy sounds of the Bonzo Dog Band with jazz-great Rahsaan Roland Kirk & His Vibration Society. Kirk insisted that his band be named on event posters and billboards, but occasionally, and to his great annoyance, the name didn't always fit. The poster gave a heads-up to Stones fans for their concert on Sunday."


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