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Jimi Hendrix Jefferson Airplane Seeley BG 69 1967

BG 69 Jefferson Airplane, Gabor Szabo, Jimi Hendrix, Dan Bruhns' Fillmore Lights Opening of the Fillmore Summer Series Ticket Set Artist: Clifford Charles Seeley Date: Jun 20, 1967 - Jun 25, 1967 Venue: Fillmore Auditorium (San Francisco, CA) Size: 2 1/2" x 4 9/16  

Bill Graham kicked off his 1967 Summer Series with an incredible lineup at the Fillmore. Headlining the show were Rock and Roll's biggest new stars, the Jefferson Airplane whose album, Surrealistic Pillow, was climbing the American pop charts. Last on the bill behind Jazz guitarist Gabor Szabo was a relatively unknown guitar player named Jimi Hendrix.

"The first week of the 1967 six-night-a-week summer series, we had the Jefferson Airplane, Gabor Szabo, and a little cockamamie group that opened the show whom we paid seven hundred and fifty dollars for the six days, two shows a night. Bill [Graham] kept saying to me, "I told you the Airplane drew, I told you they drew." The people would come in and they were all there long before the opening act. …Hendrix played, Szabo played. The Airplane played. Hendrix played his second set. Half the joint left. That was all they were there for, really. Jimi."

Paul Baratta, Bill Graham Presents: My Life Inside Rock and Out

"Jimi first came to San Francisco right after Monterey Pop. …He opened and then Gabor Szabo and then the Airplane. That was the first night. Afterward, the Airplane asked him if they could open the show. Jimi took the town by storm."

Bill Graham, Bill Graham Presents: My Life Inside Rock and Out

This was the first show to offer tickets with the same graphics as the poster.

"Before the dawn of computers and bar codes, Bill Graham Presents printed their own concert tickets, many of which are now considered exceptional works of art in their own right. Small facsimiles or derivations of the show's promotional posters, they were typically color-coded to indicate multi-night engagements and represent a bygone era of extended, one-venue engagements by major performers. So that Bill could reconcile sales each night, patrons purchased tickets at the venue box office and handed them right back over at the door, thus ending up in the archive as mint condition concert tickets. We may occasionally and in select cases offer for sale one-of-a-kind, extremely rare and valuable concert tickets in less than mint condition."

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