A Long Strange Trip

Janis Joplin Tuten BG 165 1969

BG 165 Janis Joplin, Savoy Brown, Aum, Brotherhood Of Light Ticket Set Artists: D. Bread and Randy Tuten Date: Mar 20, 1969 - Mar 23, 1969 Venue: Winterland San Francisco, CA Size: 2 5/8" x 4 5/16"

"BG165 marked the triumphant return of Janis Joplin to San Francisco. Joplin's personality transcended the confines of Big Brother & the Holding Co., and, on her way to a successful if brief solo career, she became one of the first superstars to emerge from California's counter-culture. Bill Graham didn't care for this Tuten poster because he couldn't ... read my &$%@ poster!" 


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