A Long Strange Trip

Humble Pie Peter Frampton BG 280 1971

Humble Pie, Swamp Dogg, Shanti, Prismatic Revenge Vintage Tickets Artist: David Singer Date: May 13, 1971 - May 16, 1971 Venue: Fillmore West (San Francisco, CA) Size: 2 1/2" x 4 11/16"

"David Singer was a collage artist, but BG279 and BG280 represented his experimentation with freehand drawing. The experiment was clearly a success, and this swooping, linear sketch, Oriental in flavor, was striking. In this poster, a female, sun-reference figure topped a Samuri- style figure. The lettering of both posters recalled the birds of BG250. BG279 and BG280 should be viewed as complementary works of art, and both have become extremely valuable examples of the artist's product."


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