A Long Strange Trip

High on Fire Emek 2006

High on Fire, The Bronx, Big Business, and Buried Inside 2006 The Grog Shop Cleveland OH Poster 23.5" x 10.5" signed and numbered 143/150 by artist Emek

"I wanted to do something that called into question the impermanence of Rock Posters as an artform.. their origin is that they were designed to be seen in public spaces and grab one's attention, but maybe next week they are torn down and replaced by something else, and as a paper artifact, a carelessely tossed match and its all just a memory anyways..I also like the idea of a lot of negative space of the clean white paper marred by random chaos. I also like this "Low Tech" solution to this poster. Burn the suckah! Clean design meets down and dirty rock and roll...and finally, the long horizontal nature of the piece recalls something else that is smoking to get one "High On Fire"