A Long Strange Trip

Erykah Badu Emek 2008

Erykah Badu Control Freaq 2008 Poster signed by Erykah Badu and signed and numbered 303/450 by artist Emek

This numbered collectors limited edition Silk Screen Poster was designed by Emek. Erykah's name for the speaker Girl is Annie, as seen in the "Honey" Music Video. This 20" x 30" limited edition silkscreen was printed by hand using metallic inks and is autographed by the artist. The Blue Skin is printed with glitter inks, and the gold printed with metallic inks.

"According to Emek, the 2002 Jane's Addiction speaker girl image has always been one of Erykah Badu's favorites, and she asked that he design a variation of it for her record company (Control Freaq Records) logo. He was able to use some printing techniques on this piece that simply weren't available when he printed the '02 Jane's, and the upgrade is noticeable immediately in the blue areas of the body. It's a blend of light blue, purple & glitter inks that simply glows. Beautiful work to be sure."


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