A Long Strange Trip

Eric Burdon War J. Geils Santana BG 275 1971

Eric Burdon & War, J. Geils Band, War, Santana, Buddy Miles, Wayne Cochran & the C.C. Riders, Sugarloaf, Deadly Nightshade, Heavy Water, Little Princess #109 Vintage Tickets Artist: David Singer Date: Mar 25, 1971 - Apr 4, 1971 Venue: Fillmore West (San Francisco, CA) Size: 2 9/16" x 4 1/2"

"Eight nights of music in late Spring; BG275 advertised three different concerts at the Fillmore West and Winterland. Eric Burdon appeared with a new band, War, and Santana's logo enjoyed a second childhood as Puss 'n Boots. Santana, by now a big area draw, played at Winterland. Singer's lettering had evolved from the strictly linear style of BG179 to this filled-in look."


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