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Dazed and Confused 13 Sperry

Dazed and Confused 2013 Marchesa Hall and Theater - Austin, TX AFS 20th Anniversary and Cast Reunion of Dazed and Confused Screening Poster 20" x 35" signed and numbered 238/240 by artist Chuck Sperry

"Welcome to our first Odd City Entertainment release. Our team has spent countless hours doing everything we can to make sure that your experience is tailored to your tastes both as a collector and fan - A celebration of everything we love about film, music and games. That is why we feel that having this event with the Austin Film Society and Dazed and Confused is so special. It represents the best in film, music and even a little pinball.

To this end, we are especially proud to have partnered with Chuck Sperry, Varnish Fine Art and Hangar 18 to handle the print you see below. We couldn't think of a better match of artist with subject... as it was with Richard Linklater and Dazed and Confused 20 years ago.

I can go into all the reasons that this movie is so special, but sometimes you just want to hear from the artist. Especially an artist as articulate as Chuck Sperry. Read his comments below:"

Odd City Entertainment

"I was born in 1962 and was fourteen in 1976, I remember that year vividly. I was growing up in Ohio. If I'd grown up in Austin, Texas, I would have been Mitch in Dazed and Confused. In fact, Mitch is my referent within this well balanced ensemble cast in Richard Linklater's outstanding paean to the era of my youth.

Like Mitch, I loved pinball, and the Fireball machine specifically, the popular arcade game upon which my Dazed and Confused poster is based. You can see it in the Emporium; Slater plays Fireball in the pinball scene. Pinball reflects the nuts and bolts affections of the analog spirit of '76. To me, Dazed and Confused presents a pinball storyline structure and afforded me the opportunity to present the cast in equal weight to emphasize the ensemble nature of the film. They appear as bonus lights on the play table. I reproduced Mr. Linklater's director notes to the actors on the pinball instruction card. The directions inspire the cast towards spontaneity, truthfulness, and in Linklater's words, "100% accuracy and thoroughness in detail", as I sincerely hope is also reflected in my poster design.

There's a groovy, bicentennial pop quality to the mod design elements and use of gold and blue-silver metallic ink, and the use of nine colors to portray this icon to a bygone era immortalized in Mr. Linklater's far out movie."

Chuck Sperry

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