A Long Strange Trip

Daniel Johnston Rogers 2008

Daniel Johnston 2008 Smokebrush Gallery Colorado Springs CO. Poster 22.5" x 31" signed by artist Daniel Johnston and signed and numbered 57/150 by artist Jermaine Rogers

This screenprinted poster commemorates Daniel's recent appearance at the Smokebrush Gallery in Colorado. Daniel's career was recently examined in the award-winning documentary film 'The Devil & Daniel Johnston' and his artwork was recently exhibited at the Whitney Museum Of American Art in New York City.

This beautiful collaborative effort between the 2 artists measures approx. 31 x 22.5 inches. In the spirit of Daniel's work, there are a variety of styles within this edition. Jermaine experimented with many different printing variations on the image. There are copies printed in different inks, on different stock, with gradient fades, with glow-in-the-dark ink, with psychedelic effects, day-glow versions and more subdued versions, etc. Jermaine is not specifying ANY separate 'variant' editions and selling them for higher amounts. There is one edition, one retail price. If you purchase one of the prints from this edition, who knows what you will get? These prints were created in what Jermaine calls, 'the distinct atmosphere of Daniel Johnston: no rules, just art'.

This print is available in a signed and numbered edition of only 150. Each print has been hand-signed by both Daniel Johnston and Jermaine Rogers.

Jermaine comments: 'I really felt very privileged to work on something with him, and the fact that he owns previous works of mine and wanted to collaborate on something with me was humbling. For years, I've basically wanted to surround a Daniel Johnston 'Captain America' drawing with a gang of my Dero bears...so it came out just like I had always imagined.

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