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Dandy Warhols Slater 2008

Dandy Warhols 2008 Wulfrun Hall Wolverhampton UK Poster 16" x 24" signed and numbered 37/200 by artist Todd Slater

"...my Dandy Warhol's print for the Richard Goodall Gallery. The print is approx. 16x24 inches, 5 colors on white paper and is an edition of 200 . I was looking to blend together things that are important to the Dandy's visual style: Andy Warhol, Pop Art, drugs, the Velvet Underground and Lou Reed and the idea of icons and stardom... Warhol used portraits often in what he did and I felt that Lou Reed would be the most important figure in relation to the band. I wanted the print to have a really syrupy candy like feel to the colors and I wanted the shapes on Lou's face to resemble hard candy (also slang for heroin, yeah I've probably watched the Wire one too many times)."

Todd Slater

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