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Beatles Yellow Submarine Folio 12 Whalen Set (5)

Beatles Yellow Submarine Folio 2012 Poster Set (5) 24" x 18" by PRNewswire/Dark Hall Mansion

Tom Whalen has crafted an extraordinary series of 5 prints for The Beatles official Yellow Submarine Folio that reinterprets Yellow Submarine while staying faithful to its timeless legacy of originality. Each print is individually numbered, 18" x 24" in size, and each is lovingly and meticulously screen printed, by hand, with all prints housed within their own Folio protective cases, also designed by artist Tom Whalen and beautifully bearing the film's classic Yellow Submarine and original 1968 film release date on its respective case cover. An extraordinary set whose select and limited edition run numbers ensures they will be competed for by Beatles collectors and fans worldwide, each Whalen print is a stand alone work of beauty that captures the essence and magic that is Yellow Submarine.

The limited edition Yellow Submarine Folios, each with 5 completely different screen prints per Folio, each print representing a key moment or theme from Yellow Submarine, will be highly collectible as there will be only 797 Standard Folio Editions.

Yellow Submarine, based upon a song by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, is a fantastic tale brimming with peace, love, and hope, propelled by Beatles songs, including Eleanor Rigby,When I'm Sixty-Four,Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, It's All Too Much,and All You Need Is Love. When the film debuted in 1968, it was instantly recognised as a landmark achievement, revolutionizing a genre by integrating the freestyle approach of the era with innovative animation techniques. Inspired by the generation's new trends in art, the film resides with the dazzling Pop Art styles of the 60s.

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